Visual Narrative Storytelling and the worlds they transport us to :: 우리포토그래피의 시각적 내러티브에 대한 이해

We are all people with stories to tell: some more intimate and shy, others that grab one’s attention like a lady in a red coat on a snowy embankment. 

Photos have the power to do just that: tell a story through the eyes, and lens, and dare I say - the heart - of the artist. Many times there is a certain romanticism and mood that a photo can evoke - such is the beauty of the art.

Sometimes, a story isn’t just made up of one arresting image. It’s a series of images that build up a mood; that wordlessly describe an environment, and the lives that populate it.

That’s why I write; I aim to share series of photos about the lives that my photos aim to document. 

I hope you will love them as much as I do. :)



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