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  1. Couple photoshoot in Singapore / 싱가포르 도시적인 커플스냅사진

    13 Sep 2019

    In today’s blog post, we have an adorable couple from Korea! They were in Singapore for vacation, and wanted to have a record of happy memories during their travels.  오늘의 블로그 포스트에는 한국의 사랑스러운 커플이 있습니다! 그들은 휴가를 위해 싱가포르까지 왔어요. 그리로 여행 중에 행복한 추억을 남기고 싶어요. Initially everyone…

  2. Personal photoshoot during sunset in Singapore / 싱가포르에서 일몰 동안 개인 촬영

    29 Aug 2019

    We met C on a sunny afternoon to take personal portraits. 우리는 날씨가 좋은 하루에 Candy(별명)를 만나서 개인촬영를 찍었습니다.  Our destination definitely didn’t look like part of Singapore! It was shaded with lovely trees, and the atmosphere was carefree and slow. 우리 목적지는 싱가포르의 일부처럼 보이지 않았다! 저기에 아름다운 나무들로…

  3. A proposal photoshoot in Singapore / 싱가폴에서의 청혼 사진 촬영

    09 Aug 2019

    I had the honor of photographing D and T, a lovely couple from the USA.  They’re here in Singapore on holiday, and there was a surprise proposal and photoshoot in our sunny island!  D과 T는 친절한 미국인 커플이다. 그들은 휴일에 싱가포르에 있고, 우리 맑은 섬에서 약혼사진 촬영이있었어요^^ Couple photoshoot in…

  4. Tropical photoshoot for M’s family / M님의 열대성 싱가포르 스냅사진

    19 Jul 2019

    M’s family was visiting Singapore on a tropical holiday!  This was a special trip for them - M’s daughter was getting married soon, and she had spent some time living in Singapore.  M님의 가족은 열대성 휴가에 싱가포르를 방문했습니다! 이것은 이가족에게 특별한 여행이었다. M님의 딸은 곧 결혼할 예정이었고, 딸은 싱가포르에서 약간의…

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